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Araceli Roiz

Financial Expert, Fitness Enthusiast, Mother

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Expertise Include Mergers & Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Financial Analysis

In Newark, CA


Araceli Roiz and ChildAbout Araceli Roiz

Araceli Roiz is a financial expert living in the Bay Area of California. She received a B.A. in Economics from California State University – Stanislaus in 2004 and now has an impressive career in finance and acquisitions, specializing in investor relations and negotiations for multi million dollar acquisitions in the IT services industry. She has lent her expertise to well-regarded companies such as iGATE Global Solutions, an IT services company, headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and Check Point Software Technologies, an international provider of software and combined hardware and software products for IT security, including network security, endpoint security, data security and security management, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Outside of work, Araceli is an avid runner, who competes regularly in local marathons. She has been an avid runner since high school, and continues to push herself towards better times and greater distances. Whether it’s working on multi million dollar business deals or training for the latest triathlon, Araceli Roiz makes sure she gives 110% in all aspects of her life.

As she says,

It does not matter what role or opportunity you throw in my direction, I’ll work my hardest and make the best of it and hopefully leave my mark as positively as possible.”

Araceli’s financial career is made up of many accomplishments she is proud of. Most recently, she served as the main point of contact in a multi million dollar acquisition of a major international financial firm located in India. She worked with both companies executives to reach a deal that suited each business, while also saving her own company significant expenses. Because her company trusted her to arrange the best deal possible, her expertise and decisive actions ended up saving her company $20 million in taxes and oversea transaction fees.

Outside of work, Araceli displays the same dedication and tenacity towards her personal passions, especially fitness. Araceli has always been active and loves to train outside. She enjoys hiking, swimming, and generally being outdoors whenever the weather permits it. Araceli has recently been training vigorously to complete local marathons, half-marathons, and even triathlons. She creates a strict daily work out and diet regime to support her efforts, and enjoys seeing the progress she makes from race to race. As Araceli explains,

Personally, winning a medal is not what matters. Placing before others does not matter either. The most important aspect I look at while competing is that I improved from my previous competition and that I know I gave it my all.”

The passion and dedication she brings to every aspect of her life is what makes Araceli so unique and special. Her desire to constantly improve, ability to keep cool under pressure, and care she displays towards those around her are the characteristics that are going to allow her to continue to excel in whatever she puts her mind to.


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